Blood glucose measurement for Diabetic Patients

The SafeLan lancet offers unique, innovative features unavailable elsewhere. With its core technology of protective tip and semi-automatic tip detachment before use, SafeLan delivers both safety and simplicity at the same time.
SafeLan’s design decreases the risk of transmitting blood borne pathogens and needle stick injuries. SafeLan lancet’s integrated needle allows precision insertion, minimizing pain.
The most important feature of SafeLan and its lancet is safety. Lancets currently on the market can be re-used, and so can transmit disease. The SafeLan lancing device is used once and discarded. Compared to competing products, SafeLan is also much easier to use.


Use of SafeLan in Korean Traditional Medicine

According to Korean Traditional Medicine, bloodletting is a specialized technique for numerous clinical conditions and practitioners use it to invigorate the smooth flow of Qi and blood circulation.

Acupuncture points are related to organs and muscles in our bodies. Bloodletting acupuncture points on fingers and toes are indicated for Qi stagnation, acute lumbar sprain, headache, sudden indigestion, and sore throat.
For example, with the stress while eating, one’s body is under pressure. This allows the blood flow to slow down because of blood vessel contraction. Therefore, bloodletting to release a few drops of blood can improve the Qi and blood flow circulation.

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